Where are you located? 

We’re in the heart of Merchant City on Albion Street (right across from Merchant Square). We’re a 5 minute walk from Queen Street train station and a 7 minute walk from Glasgow Central train station. There is on-street parking in Merchant City but it can be expensive but there is  Q Carpark right across from the shop (which is slightly cheaper).  If you're travelling by bus, we're an 8 minute walk from Buchanan Street Bus Station. 

Do I need an appointment? 

We want to make sure every bride feels special and never rushed therefore, we always ask you to make an appointment either by calling or booking though our online form.

However if you're passing by, you can pop in to see us - even if we can't show you our dresses or see you right away we may have a spare appointment later that day. 

Do you charge for an appointment? 

We don't charge for our mid-week and Saturday appointments however we do charge £20 for our late night and VIB (see below) appointments.  The £20 will be deducted from your dress should you find the one!

How long is an appointment? 

Our appointments are about 1.5 to 2 hours long - this gives you time to try on a variety of dresses and find The One! 

What is a VIB appointment? 

A VIB ‘Very Important Bride’ appointment is available on a Thursday only. You and up to 5 guests will have the bridal room to yourselves and will be treated to 1.5 hours of unlimited access to our entire collection of designer gowns with one of our experienced Stylists. Every appointment will also enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco and sweet treats! We charge £20 for a VIB appointment, which is deducted from the price of your dress.

All VIB appointments must be booked in advance and specified at the time of booking and payment can be taken over the phone.

Who does my appointment?

You will spend time with one of the Melle Cloche sisters (either Jac or Lisa) who have years of experience helping brides find the perfect style for their wedding day. Both sisters are friendly, approachable and have a knack for picking The One! If you come in at the weekend then you’ll have the pleasure of meeting our weekend Stylist Kendra, who has just recently got married herself so loves talking all things weddings.

Do you do late nights? 

We offer late night appointments in the summer months only - these are usually on a Thursday evening and the last appointment is 6pm.  These must be  booked in advance and like VIB appointments there is a £20 charge.

Who should I bring with me?

We know that popular reality TV shows tell us that a bride should bring a huge entourage to a bridal appointment - take it from us, this is to create as much drama as possible!

So we suggest you bring no more than 2/3 people and 5 at the absolute max - this keeps it personal for you and doesn’t involve lots of opinions.

Can kids come into the shop?

Of course, we love kids and babies (when they don’t have sticky chocolate fingers obviously!) and we will do our best to accommodate. However please bare in mind this is a bridal boutique and there are lots of expensive dresses and delicate items. We also have heavy mirrors and our seamstresses work with pins and scissors so please bring someone along that can supervise while you’re trying on.

What should I wear?

A bra with detachable straps and nude pants are the perfect combo when trying on dresses but if you don’t have nude, then white will do. It’s best to avoid black or pattered underwear but again this is not essential.

Can I take photos?

We can’t stop you taking photos but we would prefer that you don’t. There are a number of reasons for this, the obvious one is the dress doesn’t fit you properly (even if you feel it does) so a picture of a dress which is a couple of sizes too big or small is never going to photograph well.

We’ve also found that once your bridal party start taking pics then the appointment can change and become about you being ‘photo ready’ rather than how you feel in the dress. Our advice is to be in the moment - picking your dress is a great experience to share with your nearest and dearest so ditch the phones and enjoy the moment.

What size sample gowns are available to try on?

Our dresses come in a variety of sizes but most of our samples are size 10, 12, 14 and some size 16. 

Our Stylists are fully trained to fit you in the samples, so if they're too big you'll be pinned in.  If they're too small then we have ways of leaving the back open but discretely making them look like they fit. If you're really worried about a dress not fitting, then all sizes are clearly displayed on our dresses, so feel free to check before making your choice

Will there be someone in the changing room with me?

We do come in the changing room with you because everyone needs help getting in and out of the dresses. We’ve worked with hundreds of brides and seen every lump, bump, scar and mis-matched underwear - we don’t judge or even notice for that matter so please don’t stress.

Who decides what I try?

You do! We’ll chat about what shapes and styles you like, then let you pick some dresses out. This gives us an initial idea and helps us to make suggestions of our own throughout the appointment.  If you’re really unsure of what to choose, then we’re happy to pick dresses for you.

What prices are your dresses?

Our collection starts at £1,000 and goes up to £2,500, however most of our dresses are round about £1,800.

If you're looking to stick to a budget then let us know - we don’t want to put you in a dress that's over your price range. We also have an amazing range of ex-sample dresses which range from £300 to £1,000 - this is always a great way to get the designer dress of your dreams at a fraction of the price. 

How long does a dress take to come in?

All our dresses are made to order and take up to 6 months to be delivered. However if you’re on a short timescale then some designers offer a rush order for a small fee. 

What is the ordering process? 

Once you find your dress, we take your measurements and it’s ordered by us direct from the designer. 

I've bought an ex-sample - is the process any different?

Our beautiful ex-sample dresses are sold as seen, but their amazing price tag includes having the dress cleaned and any loose threads or missing buttons are fixed by our amazing seamstresses.

What do I pay and when?

We ask that you pay a 50% deposit at the time of ordering and the remaining balance will be due at your first fitting. If you’re unable to pay 50% of your dress then ask us about our other payment options which may be more manageable for you. 

We accept card and cash payments. Unfortunately we don’t accept American Express. 

When will I have my fittings?

If you choose to have your alterations done with us then we book you in about 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding for your first fitting. Your second fitting will take place a few weeks later and then if you require a third fitting that can be done as near to the date as required. 

Our fittings only take place on a Thursday and Friday.

What happens if I don’t live in Scotland?

We do gets brides from time to time who don't live in Scotland so please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate  you as much as possible. 

What happens if I lose weight?

Lots of brides lose weight before their wedding but if you feel you have dropped one or two sizes or more then call the shop and we'll get you in for your fitting earlier so we have more time to work on your dress. 

There may be an extra charge added to your alterations package depending on how much weight you’ve lost.

How much are alterations?

You are not obligated to have your alterations done with us, but if you do, we offer a package which is £285.  This covers shoulders, waist, bust and hem alterations, however if you’re looking to modify the your dress in any way then there will be an additional charge for the work to be carried out which we’re happy to quote for before the work is done..

Who does the fittings?

Your dress will be fitted by Tanya or Karen, our experienced bridal fitters who have years of experience fitting, altering and making bridal dresses.

We also have the lovely Joyce working behind the scenes making your dress perfect. Our seamstresses and fitters are also on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about the fit of your dress.

What days can I get my fittings?

Our fittings days are mainly a Thursday and Friday but on occasion we can accommodate you on a Wednesday.  

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer any fittings on a Saturday or after 5pm.

What do I need for my fittings?

Bring along your wedding shoes and underwear. Your first fitting is the most important as this is when the fitter pins your dress to the exact length you need, so it’s important that you’re prepared. It’s also advisable not to bring too many people to your fitting - keep it small, as too many people can be distracting for the fitter and seamstress who are trying to make the dress perfect for you.  It can also be quite long and a bit boring for other people so please bare that in mind! 

The balance of your dress is also payable at your first fitting, however if you’re unable to do this then please let us know in advance.

What about accessorising my dress?

We have a fantastic range of accessories in our shop and online. You can book in for a 30 minutes styling appointment and have one of our Stylists help you choose a veil or hair accessory that will compliment your dress beautifully.  

When do I collect my dress?

We’re happy to store your dress free of charge right up to the final weeks before your wedding. Most brides collect their dress a few days before their big day, but it’s entirely up to you

How is my dress stored?

Your dress will be pressed then packed in one of our large white zip bags. We'll also pack your veil and any accessories along with it. If you’re getting married abroad, then we can pack it in a carry-on box for you - just ask at your fitting. 

We also sell flight boxes in-store which we can pack perfectly for you taking on your flight - prices start at £45. 

How do I clean and store my dress after my wedding?

We offer an aftercare package where we clean your dress along with fixing any small tears or lost buttons. It's then steamed and packed in a beautiful ivory bridal box with tissue for you to lovingly store forever.  Our aftercare package costs start at £195 to £250 depending on the size of your dress.